Director of Youth Ministries

Cedartown First United Methodist Church
201 Wissahickon Avenue
Cedartown, GA 30125

Job Description
Title:  Director of Youth Ministries 

  • part-time, approximately 12-15 hours per week

  • salaried

  • supervisor--Pastor

Cedartown FUMC Mission Statement:  Cedartown FUMC is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.   

Summary:  The Director of Youth Ministries will have the overall responsibilities for developing a program for youth that focuses on Biblical study, spiritual growth and development, service and outreach, and local missions. The expectation is that the Director of Youth Ministries will be a presence and present in the lives of the youth at Cedartown First and conduct his or her behavior, speech, and actions in a Christian manner. 

Responsibilities:  The Youth Director, in cooperation with the minister, will oversee weekly student programming for middle and high school students including Sunday school, MYF activities, Wednesday night activities, Bible studies, school and church events, retreats, local missions, and lead confirmation preparation. 

Duties and Responsibilities—Administrative:

  • Meet regularly with the Pastor as agreed for planning and reporting purposes

  • Maintain the Youth House

  • Select and secure materials for youth studies

  • Attend church staff meetings 

  • Attend leadership team meetings when requested

  • Provide monthly written reports to church administrative board/council 

  • Work collaboratively with the Pastor, Staff and, in particular, the Director of Children’s Ministry

  • Establish goals and supporting programs for the youth program in cooperation with the Pastor and parents

  • Establish and follow a budget to support youth programs and activities

Duties and Responsibilities—Youth Program:

  • Provide counseling to youth and their parents when needed

  • Provide spiritual support to youth and parents when needed

  • Foster spiritual growth and development in all things

  • Coordinate, develop, and implement vibrant programs and activities for youth that encourage participation, teach Christian foundations, lead youth closer to Christian principals, and develop disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

  • Work with other church staff and leaders to encourage youth to participate in musical programs, plays, and performances

  • Lead MYF activities for the youth

  • Lead/assist with community-based children and youth activities

  • Lead Sunday school and Bible studies for the youth

  • Schedule and lead Confirmation Classes yearly

Duties and Responsibilities—Parents:

  • Communicate on a regular basis with and work closely with parents

  • Recruit, train and engage parents to actively participate and assist in youth activities.

  • Keep parents informed regarding activities, programs, and plans involving the youth

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with middle and high school youth

  • Strong faith in Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the United Methodist Church (at the least a willingness to learn about the UMC beliefs)

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Proficient in technology

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Excellent organization and management skills

  • Ability to work with a team to accomplish tasks and goals

  • Proven ability to work effectively with youth, diverse individuals and teams of volunteers

  • Strict adherence to Cedartown First’s social media policy